Our creative process…

Most of our inspiration comes from our beautiful island home and traveling. When inspiration strikes, whether it be standing on the ridge of a new mountain, stumbling upon the unsuspected roadside blossom, frolicking on the beach with our keiki, or between two waves surfed, we get to the drawing board. Translating natural beauty and the feeling it creates into wearable art is a renewing challenge each time.

We go through a creative process of exploration, incubating new ideas, trial and error, and discovery to reach a piece that can bring us back to a special moment in time and honors nature in a form that is authentic and beautiful.  Some ideas make it to production, while others take months to mature and never quite materialize, but always, by the time we share our jewelry with you, they carry the purest intentions and the essence of aloha.

A glimpse inside our modest little Jungle Studio: